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Rudi Massyn

Senior Project Manager

Rudi is based in Johannesburg and is our single point of contact between Out There Media and our most important telco and other clients and partners in countries of Sub-Saharan Africa.


Rudi is an expert in leading technical integrations, identifying our clients’ and partners’ needs and requirements while fostering strong relationships and promoting Out There Media’s digital and mobile advertising technology solutions and services to achieve mutual satisfaction.

Rudi has an extensive marketing and advertising background evolving from the days of broadcast and print to most recently managing a digital ecosystem on both demand and supply side, across multiple continents. Prior to joining Out There Media Rudi managed strategic local and international projects for global corporate companies such as Huawei and developed short, medium- and long term growth and performance campaigns driven by ROI.


He combines strong entrepreneurial skills with business-management skills to increase revenues, market share and profit performance. He is able to develop and communicate clear and strategic visions, while effectively leading teams.


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