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Award-Winning Creative Capabilities Our creative work for our advertising partners has been rewarded with numerous prestigious industry awards, such as the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) or the FAB Awards. Our CEO Kerstin Trikalitis was recognized as one of the thought leaders in the space by the Cannes Lions Festival, who invited her to serve on the jury in the “Mobile” category in 2014.

Unique Expertise our expertise and vast experience in deep integrations with mobile operators has given us an edge in managing large volumes of highly sensitive data. This is a critical component of our success, since superior targeting through “big deterministic data” is key.

Award-Winning Proprietary Technology Mobucks™ has been vetted by multiple mobile operator groups and is deemed to be the “global standard” for mobile operators regarding mobile advertising and data monetization technology.

Aggregation in One Single Marketplace Mobucks™ is a cross-channel, cross-operator and cross-country marketplace to serve the expanding needs of advertisers and mobile operators.  Within a single platform, mobile operators, agency groups and brands have access to numerous blue-chip “counterparties”, aggregated across channels, operators and countries.

World-Class Management Team We have been in this industry since 2009 and have worked with many mobile operators and advertisers around the globe. Our longstanding experience in data monetization and mobile advertising is one of our core assets.



Our blue chip client base includes some of the world’s largest ad agencies and brands. As an award winning one-stop-shop, we take care of the entire value chain for our advertisers, from conceptualization and design up to execution, optimization, reporting and analytics of campaigns.

Advertisers partner with us to effectively reach their target audiences at scale and gain deep consumer insights, harnessing the power of Mobucks™ and its unique market intelligence. Our campaigns deliver exceptional levels of interactive consumer engagement and high ROI - exceeding market averages by 5-18x, creating effective brand advocacy and sustainable customer relationships.



Mobile operators are at the core of our ecosystem since our inception in 2009. Mobucks™ has been deployed by many of the leading mobile operators in the world as their end-to-end technology to analyze and monetize their subscriber data, unlocking a new revenue stream and allowing mobile operators to gain unique customer insight.

This unique track record and experience gives us an edge in handling and managing large volumes of highly sensitive data. Out There Media is dedicated to the highest privacy standards and has passed the privacy data audits of some of the world’s biggest and strictest mobile operator groups in the world. 

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