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Out There Media has been at the forefront of partnering with mobile operators on data monetization since 2009.

Our proprietary multi-channel, cross-operator Mobucks™ technology sits squarely at the intersection of mobile advertising and “Telco Data as a Service”, linking the mobile operator industry with the advertising world via one seamless marketplace. It powers granular targeting, campaign planning, campaign creation and management, execution, delivery and optimization as well as detailed analytics and reporting.

Our deep integration with mobile operators allows us to dynamically adjust and target campaigns based on deterministic real-time user data, enabling advertisers to target and engage with their audiences in a continuous flow of interactivity - leading to deep consumer insight and sustainable customer relationships.

In 2015, Out There Media was awarded the “Competitive Strategy Innovation and Leadership Award for Mobile Analytics and Advertising” by Frost & Sullivan and is considered “best-in-class” among the world’s leading mobile operators, brands and ad agencies.


Mobucks™ harnesses its unique market intelligence to effectively engage consumers, leveraging deterministic user data. Mobucks™ creates dynamically enriched user profiles and improves its targeting accuracy as consumers interact with campaigns.

Mobucks™ campaigns deliver unprecedented levels of interactive consumer engagement and high ROI - exceeding market averages by 5-18x.

The examples in the graph above only represent a small portion of the company’s available data and targeting criteria.



Leverage Mobucks™ to create, execute and manage campaigns to reach targeted mobile audiences at scale.

OTM / Mobucks™

Mobile Operators

Designs, creates and delivers campaigns to targeted audiences based on deterministic consumer data via its partnerships with Mobile Operators.

Grant OTM access to subscriber data and subscriber base.


Receive branded content which is relevant to them, adding value to their everyday lives.  Mobile subscribers can opt-in or out of such campaigns.

Advertisers benefit by:

1. Effectively reaching audiences on mobile – which is where consumers spend most of their time

2. Engaging with consumers at an unprecedented level and executing high ROI campaigns

3. Gaining unique consumer insights; converting audiences into loyal customers


Operators benefit by:

1. Monetizing their data and subscriber base


2. Unlocking new revenue streams (during a time of declining traditional revenues)

3. Organising, mining and analysing their data to increase subscriber loyalty

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