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Award-Winning Proprietary Technology Mobucks™ has been vetted by multiple mobile operator groups and is deemed to be the “global standard” for mobile operators regarding mobile advertising and data monetization technology.

P/S in Vietnam is a brand that has always leant towards the warmth of family life, away from the clinical sterility of the dental laboratory. A brand that builds its authority on its social mission to build oral care habits with functional and emotional benefits.

The problem they faced however was 90% Vietnamese face dental problems and there was a lack of education in creating awareness about the need to brush twice daily especially at night. The problem was more persistent in the rural areas.

The challenge faced by the brand was to getting parents and their kids to brush their teeth twice a day with the focus on brushing in the evening.

P/S wanted to explore the opportunity of increasing consumption in the rural areas and strengthen anti-cavities proposition. The 2 big focus rural areas identified were Southeast and Mekongdelta. The primary target audience being moms 18-55 year olds with kids from 4-8 year old, caring, family oriented, concerned about kids health but not necessarily aware on the ill effects of not brushing at night leading to cavity.

Out there media with its micro-targeting at scale" approach combined with first hand telco deterministic data could arget segments based on age, gender, location and ARPU and phone penetration across legacy phones, feature phones and smartphones.

The idea was to prove effectiveness in Rural Vietnam which had high feature phone penetration and the same campaign to be executed across different clusters in a meaningful and effective way combining REACH and EFFICIENCY.

The campaign ran for 6 weeks with different ads served to different clusters. (show images/creatives here)

The results were outstanding. A total of 1.25 million moms were targeted in SE and MKD. Average CTR of 2.17% was achieved for this campaign which is 30x better than industry average benchmarks. Feature phone with medium ARPU followed by high ARPU were the best performing segments and Southeast region performed slightly better than Mekong Delta.

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